Press update!
A couple of weeks ago, Stetson University Marketing reached out to me for an interview. They asked me about my post graduate life, as well as some of the experiences I had while attending the University. When we got into it, we discussed some of my habits as an artist, the source of my inspiration, and how I managed to put together one of the more fruitful shows the University has seen in recent years. If any of that interests you, or if you are curious about my process, then this is a read for you!
I am very open to any further questions anyone might have in relation to the article or beyond; you can either privately email me through my Contact Page, or comment below!
Thanks again to all those who support me, and Enjoy!

Click here to read the full interview on Stetson University Today

A screenshot of the official interview, penned by contributing journalist Nicole Melchionda.

A screenshot of the official interview, penned by contributing journalist Nicole Melchionda.


Hello all!
My first official blog post is coming to you as I am in the process of wrapping up my last undergraduate year at Stetson University. As you can imagine, things are and have been very hectic for quite some time. I graduate on Saturday, and it is simply mind-boggling to ponder the amount I have accomplished in these 4 years. In thinking of such, I have decided that I'll be instating a sort of "Throwback Thursday" event on my website this summer,  in which I will blog about things that I have done in my artistic career thus far. So keep a look out for those upcoming posts! 
My Senior Thesis Exhibition, titled Imperious, went over great and was a hit with the gallery! The Hand Art Center experienced it's largest crowd ever for a student exhibition on the night of the opening reception. So a huge thank you goes out to everyone who helped me along the way to make it a success. I have a few upcoming solo shows in the works, so I will get those details out to you as soon as I know them for sure.
If you missed Imperious, you can experience the next best thing by viewing a film I made about the process and concept behind its creation in the "VIDEOS" tab to the left. OR, you can follow the link that I'll place at the bottom of this post.
Again, I thank you all for your support over the years; success is nothing without people supporting you. 

More updates to come,