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                Erin McCollum is an ambitious rising artist residing in Central Florida.  McCollum is well known for her eclectic choice and proficiency within a large range of mediums, as well as her thematic spontaneity and inventiveness.  Pieces range from oil paint and embroidery thread, to clay, digital manipulation and beyond.  The artist believes no material is safe from the creative process, and anything is a possibility in the realm of creation so long as it is the most effective way to get the job done. 

                Her aesthetic has been described as “Classical, with a twist of Surrealism”. Primarily a painter and sculptor, her work is often inspired by the French Rococo, Baroque and Victorian styles, macabre subject matter, as well as symbols of mysticism, the occult, and science alike.  Also an avid sidewalk chalk artist, she competes yearly in the Festival of the Masters Chalk Art Competition at Downtown Disney.  Her recent accomplishments include being the only two-time female recipient of the “Best of Show” award at the Undergraduate Art Exhibition presented by Stetson University, being personally honored by Florida congressman Daniel Webster, and having directed a short film that was featured at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival in France.

                The artist recently graduated with a Bachelor's degree in
Fine Art from Stetson University, with minors in both Art History and Digital Art. Currently working as a Designer and Concept-Illustrator for Universal Creative, she produces concept designs, storyboards, and promotional art for attractions and media at Universal Studios theme parks. Aside from her career as a fine artist, her future aspirations include working in the film industry as a Director or Production Designer, while also pursuing work as an Illustrator. 

Cover Photography by Paulina Toman